PRP Solutions was founded in 2008 by merging deep knowledge and experience in people management with world-class software and electronics engineering talent. We now offer a comprehensive people resource planning solution that integrates with our Clients’ existing, but often disconnected, people management systems, creating an efficient end-to-end process for unleashing the power of their most valuable asset, their people.

Our clients are people that value people. They know that people are their most valuable asset, and it’s a given that their happiness and effectiveness in the workplace is paramount to business success.

PRP enables people to waste less time, to eliminate mundane tasks, and focus on the things that really matter in the workplace. We partner with you to create an intelligent eco–system, that integrates existing hardware and software, automates manual processes, and removes unnecessary administrative tasks and duplication.

We are an organically grown company with the advantage of owning our own intellectual property, with an in-house development and consulting capability and more than 11 years of people management experience so we can meet all your solution requirements.

Our world class, simple, yet powerful solution adds value to multi-nationals and smaller companies alike and is smart enough to support the business rules of any workplace

Our first client had 1,500 people in their back office, managing around 20,000 people. Today, PRP enables more than 100 Clients, in multiple industries, to efficiently manage over 160,000 employees at over 7,000 diverse workplaces, with only a fraction of this overhead. This equates to approximately 26 million hours processed each month.

People’s time is valuable. We would love you to join us in our quest to eliminate time wastage.


Our People Doing The Things That Really Matter