Security Industry


The Security industry has traditionally used rostering tools to schedule their workforce. However, the day-to-day processes for managing security personnel is often manual, with a vast amount of email and telephonic communication between a centralised planning office and the operating sites. PRP’s web-based solution integrates and automates all processes from rostering and posting to payroll, and, provides live management dashboards reflecting the state of people management in the business in real-time.


Management Enablement In The Security Industry

PRP Solutions unlocks organisational intelligence and eliminates data silos to optimise efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Our intelligent, cloud-based solutions automate repetitive tasks, validate them against a rules based engine and expose the data where it is needed in real-time – to enable efficient, compliant decision making on the ground.

  • Improve productivity and profitability by eliminating organisational inefficiencies
  • Enable agile decision making by having the right information in real-time
  • Empower managers to manage large workforces remotely, across distributed work environments
  • Ensure compliance with company policy, labour law, and bargaining counsels
  • Optimise employee work schedules and organisational wage bills to reduce labour costs

Core Benefits To The Security Industry

  • Exception reporting on overstaffing and understaffing of teams, based on business and operational requirements and production targets

  • Real-time information for fast replacement of absent staff to avoid productivity impacts and to make the most efficient replacement decision

  • Savings on avoidable overtime and tracking of billable overtime

  • Savings on short time and invalid absenteeism

  • Compliance in terms of HR policies, payroll rules and employment contracts

  • Elimination of manual timesheets

  • Accurate leave capturing and visibility into absenteeism

  • Automated onboarding into HR database ensuring that employee master data is maintained in the source system

  • Automated extraction and upload of payroll data from PRP to Payroll, thereby reducing management and admin costs and resulting in fewer payroll queries

  • Accurate payroll processing

Comprehensive Offering To The Security Industry


Our flagship management enablement portal


Buzz, a mobile employee portal without data costs

Bee Series Device

Biometric & employee communication device


Integrated, remote, low-energy asset management


Our scalable visitor  management solution

Covid-19 Screening

Contactless Covid-19 screening & access control