BeeKeeper Asset Management

BeeKeeper takes advantage of BLE technology and utilises low-cost BLE tags in combination with beacons to provide medium range asset tracking within a site. BeeKeeper Beacons have
an active range of 100m and can be networked to provide comprehensive asset tracking across large sites.

BeeKeeper Asset Management

Take control of your asset management with PRP Solutions’ BeeKeeper, a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) asset management solution, which enables you and your team to track your assets in real-time, and ensure that a chain of accountability is always maintained throughout your asset register.

  • BeeKeeper seamlessly integrates with PRP Solutions’ Bee Series Communication Devices, The PRP Buzz App and the Honeycomb Management Enablement Tool, allowing assets to be tracked in real time.

  • BeeKeeper negates the need for manual asset audits freeing up people’s time to focus on what really matters.

  • When used in combination with PRP Solutions’ management enablement suite, BeeKeeper enables organisations to link assets and their movements with the people responsible for their safe keeping.

  • Never lose track of your high-value assets and ensure that a chain of accountability is always maintained.

BeeKeeper Asset Management​ Features

  • Real-time, active asset tracking

  • Increased range and asset visibility when compared to passive RFID and Barcoded solutions

  • Created by Soujanya from the Noun Project

    Real-time alerts of asset movements or leakage via PRP Buzz app notifications, SMS or email

  • Meshed networking capabilities

  • Location of assets within large sites using PRP beacons

  • Real-time asset registers accessible for any site, from anywhere

  • Geo-fencing of assets

  • Cost-effective implementation costs compared to GPS and GSM solutions, makes it viable for all your assets


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