Contactless Covid-19 Screening

Enable your employees and guests to screen remotely for Covid-19 symptoms before visiting your workplace.

Improve the safety of your organisation & eliminate potential infection vectors while expediting your onsite check in processes.

Contactless Covid-19 Screening

  • Screen employees before they arrive at work, or even before they leave home for work​

  • Available on the PRP Buzz App for smart phones, or USSD for GSM Phones

  • No cost to the employee (reverse charged data)

  • Linked to work roster so that employees acre screened on the days that they're scheduled to work

  • Created by Soujanya from the Noun Project

    Managers and employee are notified immediately of any risk

  • Created by Soujanya from the Noun Project

    Managers are notified by exception if any scheduled employees have not ben screened

  • Works for any organisation including businesses, schools, universities, government offices, etc.

  • Audit trails and a full set of reports available online. No paperwork!

  • On-site temperature scan can be included in the screening process using a temperature scanning device

  • An at-risk person can be denied entry to the premises when used in conjunction with an access control device


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Covid-19 Screening

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