Advanced Scheduling

Rostering of shifts and shift plans for shift-based employees. Support for team plans and automated generation of shift patterns. Prevention of over-staffing and over-rostering of individual employees.

Time and Attendance

Recording of employees’ attendance, via a PRP or 3rd party time-clocking device, comparison to their planned shift, and calculation of their time worked.


A range of reports covering basic time and attendance, planned and actual costs, absenteeism & leave, payroll calculations, exceptions and predictive management dashboards.

Payroll Calculations

Automated calculation of payroll from the attendance data and using pay rules that are configured in the system. This includes calculating short time, overtime, allowances and premium rates for Sundays and Public Holidays, according to the client’s pay rules, policies, and labour regulations.

Payroll Processing

Approval of the calculated payroll data by the designated client users. Automated interface into the client’s payroll system.

Access Control

Management of access to a premises using access control devices. The solution allows access zones to be set up and access to these zones to be controlled either individually or according to the client’s organisational structure.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Employees’ rates are loaded in PRP which allows for cost reporting. Operational plans are compared to budgets. Pay rules can be applied in advance to future operational plans for forecasting.

HR Onboarding

Digital onboarding of new employees using a configurable workflow approach with validation of the data at source. This includes digital generation and signing of a contract for a new employee.


Management of the documents and certifications required for an employee according to their job category. Managers are notified in advance of upcoming non-compliances. Employees are warned when they clock in of an impending non-compliance and can be blocked from working if the non-compliance is not timeously addressed.

Disciplinary Management

Digital management of disciplinary processes maintaining history and records of offences.

Leave Management

Leave is processed in PRP either via capture by the manager or based on a leave application submitted by the employee via the PRP Buzz app or from a Bee Series biometric device. A leave application is checked against the available leave balance at the time of the application. Leave approved in PRP is synchronised with the client’s payroll system.

Temporary Employee and Staffing Vendor Management

Temporary employees are requested either from internal pools or from external staffing vendor companies. The usage of temporary employees is controlled and the reasons for using these employees are tracked. Usage of temporary employees is controlled within headcount or currency budgets.

Payslip and Document Delivery

An employee has access to their payslips via the PRP Buzz app. Any other document, either individual or general, can be made available to employees in the same way.

Bi-directional Employee Communications

Messages can be sent to employees, either individually, in groups or in bulk, either via SMS or the PRP Buzz Inbox. An employee can direct queries back to specific managers or parts of the organisation, for example, a pay query to the payroll department.

Task Management

Tasks are assigned to employees, either once-off, or according to a schedule. The employee provides feedback on completion of the task via the PRP Buzz app, in the form of a checklist that includes the ability to upload photographs and documents.

Asset Tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) active tags are attached to valuable assets. These assets are registered in the PRP database. The tags are regularly detected by Bee Series devices so that a live asset register is available to the client.

Professional Services

PRP has all the know-how and experience required to deliver a complete digital solution for your business, using our products and integrating these with what you already have.
Our subject matter experts will analyse your existing workforce management processes and systems, with the aim of designing a new solution on the PRP platform, meeting your existing requirements in addition to compliance with labour legislation and company policies.
Our experienced project managers will facilitate your onboarding process. This could include any of the following: Biometric device roll-out, Buzz roll-out, integration with existing systems, rules configuration, employee and manager enrolment and user training.
PRP integrates with your existing payroll and supports all the common payroll systems in the industry. If you prefer, and you’ve licensed our Honeycomb product, we can also run the payroll for you.
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