PRP Solutions’ cloud-based, people enablement solutions reduce repetitive tasks, ensure compliance and expose relevant data throughout organisations to enable the management of people, processes, assets, and payroll in real-time across today’s distributed workplaces.

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Make Productivity Your Competitive Advantage

PRP Solutions offers a real-time cloud-based people resource planning solution that helps businesses streamline their operations, improve productivity and achieve compliance with regulations and company policies.

These solutions include the following features; scheduling, reporting, HR management and task management. These are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing client HR, payroll, leave and financial systems.

We provide support, evolving and improving, that enables our clients to extract the full value of our solutions.

Empower Your Team At Every Level

Improve employee engagement and regulatory compliance with PRP’s offering of HR and payroll management solutions:

• Access Control
• Onboarding
• Compliance
• Disciplinary Management,
• Temporary Employee Staffing 
• Employee Self-Service via our Employee
  Portal, Buzz:
     ◦  Leave Applications
     ◦  Payslip Access
     ◦  Pay Queries

Transform Your Work Processes With Our Productivity Solutions

Applications that help individuals and teams manage their time and tasks more efficiently. These solutions include:

•  Scheduling
•  Time And Attendance Tracking
•  Reporting
•  Task Management
•  Leave Management
•  Payroll Calculations & Processing
•  Reporting
•  Task Management

Make The Most Of Your Resources

Upload employees’ rates, do
cost-reporting, compare operational plans and budgets, and apply pay rules in advance to future operational plans for forecasting.

Track your assets in real-time and ensure that a chain of accountability is always maintained throughout your
asset register.


Management Portal


Honeycomb is our flagship management enabling portal that automates and integrates your people management processes.
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Employee Portal

Buzz Mobile

Buzz, our mobile employee portal, works on any mobile device with zero data costs for the employee, if required.
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Employee Devices

Bee Series

Devices that support biometric and other forms of clocking. The device has a touch screen that supports on-device applications such as leave applications.
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