Challenges Faced:

• Over 6000 employees
• Over 500 sites and contracts
• Automated rostering tool but manual end-to-end process
• Overtime and labour budget difficult to control
• 2 weeks required every month to process payroll
• Management data only available in the following month

PRP Solutions' Approach

• Implemented a biometric solution using PRP devices
• Replaced legacy, centralized rostering tool with PRP scheduling and management solutions
• Automated end-to-end process for planning, posting and payroll all in one solution
• Implemented real-time management dashboards and forecasting

Results Achieved

• 3% saving on short-time (no pay for unworked time)
• 10% saving by planning to avoid overtime
• Predictive management dashboards monitor and manage contract performance
• Eliminated back-and-forth flow of information between operations and the centre
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